Cisco Designed portfolio expands to focus on empowering small businesses for the “New Normal”

  • Technology to help businesses work from home securely and new hybrid work environments
  • Easy to install networking devices now at the right price point to help businesses grow and scale 
  • Simple management tools that work from your phone 

San Jose, Calif., May 27, 2020 – At the CiscoLive! digital event, Cisco will unveil the latest updates to its Cisco Designed portfolio including support for five of small businesses biggest technology challenges. As companies look towards different forms of limited reopening they are adapting to the next normal and technology will play a key role in supporting new ways of doing business. According to a National Small Business Association survey[1] of over 980 small businesses, between March and April the number of business owners and their employees working remotely has doubled, a trend that is widely expected to continue. Small businesses are increasingly becoming a target of hackers so it’s no surprise security has become the top small business IT concern[2]. In addition to securely enabling a remote workforce, Cisco and its partners are committed to supporting small businesses in the following areas.

  • Work from home: how to meet and collaborate with employees and customers securely
  • Cybercrime protection: how to safeguard from identity theft, hackers and internet attacks
  • Always-on business: how to provide easy installation and reliable IT services using cloud technology
  • Workplace monitoring: how to enable safe social distancing and real time monitoring
  • Future or new office: how to improve productivity and security at shared physical workspaces

“Small businesses are investing in mobility because it contributes to cost savings, increases market reach, improves productivity and establishes better ways of working,” said Anurag Agrawal, Analyst, Techaisle. “Security remains the top constraint for accelerating remote work adoption as small businesses struggle with data protection and mobile management. The Cisco Designed portfolio of small business-focused solutions directly addresses the needs and threat vectors for secure workplaces, better collaboration, simplified manageability and organizational productivity empowerment.” 

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