Nexthink Launches Experience Platform to Empower IT Teams to Shift from Reactive Problem Solving to Proactive Optimization

LAUSANNE, Switzerland & BOSTON–([1])–Nexthink, the global leader in digital employee experience (DEX) management, has launched the next generation of its platform: Nexthink Experience™. Nexthink Experience is the only cloud-native solution that combines real-time analytics, employee feedback and automated remediation, empowering IT teams to continuously improve employees’ digital experiences. Given the current working environment, providing a better digital experience to employees has never been more critical. In fact, 78% of IT leaders report it’s a top priority on their agenda – up 30% from one year ago, according to new research published today. And Nexthink Experience is built to help deliver on this priority by enabling IT teams to provide great experience to employees no matter where they are working.

“With Nexthink, where we previously had blind spots, we’re able to gain visibility into the root cause of an issue,” said Andre Spölming, IT Lead, IT Service Desk, apetito. “The system helps us shift from ad hoc problem solving to a proactive approach, even providing suggested actions on what to tackle first. We’re excited about how Nexthink continues to evolve the platform and gives us new ways to improve the digital experience of employees.”

Nexthink Experience provides an employee-centric view of devices, applications, and networks, enabling IT professionals to see and proactively solve problems faster. Central to the new platform is Experience Optimization, a groundbreaking set of capabilities that provide clear, prioritized guidance on how to improve and optimize experience across an organization. For the first time, IT professionals can see what issues to address first, understand the likely causes, and remediate problems quickly and effectively. This is all brought together in a single Optimization Hub allowing IT teams to monitor, measure and manage employees’ digital experience, focusing on how IT is consumed by employees and not just how it is delivered by the IT department:

  • Digital Experience Score quantifies employee experience by collecting hundreds of technical metrics and correlating them with employee sentiment
  • IssueRank™ delivers prioritized recommendations on what issues to address to deliver the greatest experience improvement
  • CauseDetect™ uses artificial intelligence to analyze up to millions of data points to effortlessly pinpoint the likely root causes
  • Playbooks provide step-by-step guidance to address the identified issues, incorporating data gathering and automated remediation via Nexthink Engage and Nexthink Act to resolve common problems

“IT teams have changed their roles during the last five years to become proactive and much more employee-focused,” said Pedro Bados, CEO and co-founder of Nexthink. “Managing digital experience with real-time visibility and employee feedback is the right path for an IT department to get proactive, saving money and time. Nexthink Experience is the new platform born in the Cloud and will fulfill this vision for the IT departments of tomorrow.”

“Contrary to popular belief, technology plays a key role in employee experience,” wrote Andrew Hewitt, analyst at Forrester in a recent report. (see endnote*) “Exceptional digital experiences deliver higher employee productivity and engagement, but subpar ones lead to lackluster productivity, fast burnout, and high attrition. … Failure to invest in modern digital experiences handicaps enterprise organizations during a critical moment. We’re in an age of heightened customer and employee expectations, digital transformation, and business model reinvention.”

Nexthink Experience is generally available today.

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*Source: “Goodbye Desktop Engineering, Hello Digital Experience Architect” Forrester report published in December 2019.

About the survey

300 senior IT leaders were surveyed by independent research company, Vanson Bourne, in the US (200) and UK (100) in organizations with 1,000-2,999 and 3,000+ employees in a variety of industry sectors — IT; Financial Services; Manufacturing; Retail, Distribution and Transport; Business and Professional Services; and other commercial sectors.

About Nexthink

Nexthink is the leader in digital employee experience management software. The company gives IT leaders unprecedented insight into employees’ daily experiences of technology at the device level – freeing IT to progress from reactive problem solving to proactive optimization. Nexthink enables its more than 1,000 customers to provide better digital experiences to more than 10 million employees. Dual headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland and Boston, Massachusetts, Nexthink has 11 offices worldwide.

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